Friday, July 14, 2006

Weekend plans

The 5k run was fun last night. A little crazy with runners who cram to the front that should not be at the front but that's a different story. The course was short so my time of 18:58 was not a real 5k time. Oh well.

This weekend my husband and I plan to head back to Bastille Days and hope to run into some of our other thirtysomething friends.

Tomorrow is the obligatory nephew birthday party. My sister's son turns 3. Birthday party tomorrow afternoon. For some reason I end up hyperventilating at these parties. Partially because I get the "when are you having kids" question but mainly because there ends up being 20 other kids there running around and it is just very overwhelming for me. Doesn't phase my sister who has to clean up after the they destroy her house. I guess she has the "meant to be a mother" genes. Not me, no way. I could not handle all those kids in my house spilling soda and throwing cake. But anyway, it ends up being a good time and we get to pick up Grammie. Ahhhhh Grandma, that's a new story.

All right, its quitting time. This place is a ghost town, time for me to get a glass of red wine.

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