Thursday, February 26, 2009

Twin update

Hi! The twins are now 8 months. 8 MONTHS! Where has time gone? Wow. They are little people now. Full of personalities and they are the cutest babies around. Yes they are!

They are eating puffs and are in the Gerber Stage 3 food products. They are also learning how to use their sippy cups.

Every morning they talk to each other in their cribs. Anna will sit up in her crib and shake it until someone comes in the room. She then starts laughing and Luke laughs with her. It really is a great way to wake up.

It's interesting to see them interact with each other. They have already figured out the "I want they toy he/she has" syndrome. They "talk" to each other and laugh at each other. Two laughing babies is one of the best sounds. When one is sitting on my lap the other has to be on my lap too.

Lets see, what else are they up to?

  • Has 6 teeth. 4 on the bottom and 2 on top. He has ordered a steak for his first birthday.
  • Crawls army style EVERYWHERE. He is not interested in his toys but is interested in wires, tables, the blinds and the cat food.
  • He is trying to climb the stairs.
  • Gives open mouth kisses.
  • Crawls all over on all fours.
  • Is trying to stand and can get up on her feet with her hands on the ground.
  • Has 2 teeth - the bottom two.
  • Gives Eskimo kisses.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Please don't judge those of us who use IVF or other fertility treatments

I do not agree with the decisions that Nadya Suleman has made in regards having children. I am very pro IVF or the use of other fertility treatments but NOT what and how Nadya and the Dr did. First of all I can't believe that she decided to have more kids after already having 6, with no income and no husband or support. Second of all, what Dr thought it was OK to transfer that many embryos?

Please understand that the majority of fertility doctors have rules and do not transfer more than two embryos unless in extreme circumstances they may transfer three.

This makes me so sad. I feel like those of us who have used fertility treatments have fought for awareness of infertility and respect for our decisions. We have been called "crazy women" during our journeys to have children. And now I feel like this crazy woman and awful doctor have blown away any respect for fertility treatments.

Please understand that this is an extreme case and I don't agree with what she did at all.