Thursday, February 19, 2009

Please don't judge those of us who use IVF or other fertility treatments

I do not agree with the decisions that Nadya Suleman has made in regards having children. I am very pro IVF or the use of other fertility treatments but NOT what and how Nadya and the Dr did. First of all I can't believe that she decided to have more kids after already having 6, with no income and no husband or support. Second of all, what Dr thought it was OK to transfer that many embryos?

Please understand that the majority of fertility doctors have rules and do not transfer more than two embryos unless in extreme circumstances they may transfer three.

This makes me so sad. I feel like those of us who have used fertility treatments have fought for awareness of infertility and respect for our decisions. We have been called "crazy women" during our journeys to have children. And now I feel like this crazy woman and awful doctor have blown away any respect for fertility treatments.

Please understand that this is an extreme case and I don't agree with what she did at all.

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irondetermination said...

Hi Tracey,
I would never judge anyone's choice to turn towards fertility treatments, especially those whom have exhausted all options. Those who have the money, time, mental as well as physical strength AND to go thru these treatments as well as the struggles they have endured to get to this point have reason to make this decision. What I don't understand is, and I don't know the entire story here, is how this woman with on income got the money for this costly process? According to those who I know whom have turned to IVF and other treatments, insurance doesn't cover it...DOES WELFARE? I don't want to go into whole political tangent here.
I just think its very selfish of this girl to not be satisfied with her 6 other children. I imagine my tax dollars are going to be going to her so she can take care of her 14 children. THAT gets me worked up!!!!
I am sorry for those couples who have worked so hard to make the public understand their struggles and reasoning for turning to fertility treatments. Hope this bad apple doesn't ruin it for the bunch. Rant over.