Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My friends

Ok, let me talk about my friends. My girlfriends that is. Yes I have guy friends too, even though some people believe that a male and a female cannot be friends without feelings. But we will save that topic for another day.
I have friends from college that I am still close to. I have also been fortunate to meet other girlfriends from other life situations. But this past year I was fortunate to meet a group of wonderful ladies off the internet. Yes, you read that right, the internet. We were all members of a wedding planning website, The Knot, and attended a gathering to meet the other Wisconsin area brides. Crazy hey? A group of 7 of us clicked and we call ourselves the click. Yes, we know, it's suppose to be clique but again, another story for later. With exception of one, we are all recently married, have careers, we are beautiful (well of course) and come from very different walks of life. Let me just note that the one that is not married broke off an engagement and let me just say how much I respect her for doing so. I consider her a very strong and amazing woman.
So let me begin. Hmmm, let me think, I think I will do separate posts for each one as they will and could get long............

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