Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tonight at volleyball

First of all let me say I love this weather. JUST LOVE IT! I know, I know, I'm in the wrong state. Ok, working on that. So my husband and I play volleyball with our church league on Wednesdays. Nice night, having fun..... 3rd game, we're up 2-0..... all of a sudden there is this terrible screaming. A little girl got her leg stuck on some playground thing. Parents running, kid screaming, volleyball game paused..... someone got her leg "unstuck" without injury. Whew......but let me tell you, kids scare the crap out of me. Ok, honestly, we are trying, we want a family, but I don't know if it's the fact that I'm getting older and more comfortable in my lifestyle but all of a sudden kids scare me.

Yes I'm still working on the stories of my friends, what can I say, they are special and need extra time.

Good night.

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