Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Juror #27 and #11

This has nothing to do with being married.
This has nothing to do with not having children.
This has to do with getting the dreaded jury summons in the mail. You have been's your duty as a citizen. Yada yada yada.
I had to cut my Labor Day vacation to sit in a room full of annoyed people all doing their duty.

I have over 10 pages written in my journal and I will transfer the "best of" once I am done. Whenever that will be.

So far I have been "rejected" from two cases - one criminal and the other civil. I would have liked to sit on the criminal case - homicide. I think my "rejection" has something to do with the fact that I work for a law firm.


Linda said...

Michele sent me...

I have quite a different take on jury duty. I would love to be called on. I would enjoy the chance to serve my country in this manner. I have only been a citizen of the US for 3 years (canadian-born). But we move so much that by the time I am actually in a city/state database, I've moved!

someday....(hopefully soon...maybe it will take me away from my kids!)

Erin said...

Yeah, Linda, jury duty is all fine and good if you get selected for a case right away, but that's not usually the ... case!

I served last summer for two days, and for two days, I sat in a hard chair in a stark white room for 8 hours straight and never actually got selected for a case. It was awful!