Sunday, September 17, 2006

Baby Joggers

If you don't know this yet, I am a "runner." I have been running for 20+ years. I try to stay competitive. If I'm not training for a race I will still just go and run. I'm sure I'll write more on that another time.

When and if I have kids I intend on having a "baby jogger" so I can continue to keep up on my running. I don't know, I may hate it but I will try. But there is a time an place for a baby jogger and in a middle of a race is not the time. I found this post on a chat board I participate on that made me mad. Leave the kids at home, have someone watch them at the race, or stay out of the way of the serious runners.

Runners...race etiquette question
From: ******
Date: 9/16/2006 at 10:16 AM
I just got back from running a 10K this morning (great race...I went with my best friend and we had a blast).I was shocked to see a number of people with baby joggers in the 10K. In the other races I've run, they've not been allowed. This was a relatively big run, too. Anyhow, some people were fine--they stayed out of everyone's way. This one guy, however, was a complete JERK. He was nudging people with the stroller to get by them and even knocked a woman over. We found out after the race that she had broken her ankle!!! question is this--is this common in races and I just haven't seen it? Does anyone on here run in races with a baby jogger?

Wrong, just wrong. If I was this lady with the broken ankle I would be seeking this person out for reimbursement of medical bills. Runners......that is great if you continue to run with the baby jogger, but in a your manners. Thank you.


Elizabeth said...

Argh! That drives me crazy, too. My new pet peeve are bikers... especially the ones that don't bother to give a courtesy "on your left" shout. They always scare the crap out of me as they zoom past me w/o warning.

SP said...

The guy certainly was a jerk and you have to wonder if he even noticed what he was doing. People like that usually don't give others a passing thought!

Unfortunately, the world is full of jerks! You just have to hope that you don't run into too many of them.