Thursday, September 14, 2006

Business Trips

This is an interesting subject - Business Trips. I'm in Galena, IL for a conference. I'm observing many interesting behaviors, social rules, people, etc. I'm at a large resort with golf, tennis, a spa, hot air balloons and many more amenities. I'll just note that this conference involved a lot of Doctors and hospital administrators.
Some notes:
1. A lot of the men brought their wives along.
2. There are many BMW's in the parking lot
3. Technology has changed the typical business trip
4. The entire conference is run by women
5. I just watched 6 women walk by that are some of the "wives" here and they all have the same hair, same style clothes, same color nail polish and same purses.

oh, my lunch is here, I'll post later.......share some experiences if you have taken a recent trip for business.

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