Thursday, September 28, 2006

High School Reunion

This weekend I have made a commitment to attend my high school reunion. 15 years. What was I thinking? This is our first reunion and I haven't seen some of these people since June 1, 1991.
Since the announcement of this reunion I have had constant dreams about my high school, my classmates and different events. What I have found very odd about whole thing is that, it was only four years. I was in college longer. Heck, I went to grade school with the same people for nine years (K-8). So why does high school have such an impact on me and I'm sure other people?
I didn't even like high school. I liked the school I went to and I adored the majority of my teachers. I was very involved in everything – cross country, track, drama, band, choir, cheerleading (only 2 years!!) and anything else I could volunteer to help with. I didn't really belong to a clique. I got a long with most people and had friends from all different groups. But on graduation day when everyone was crying in the courtyard I had already turned in my cap and gown and was on my way to my family dinner. My bags were packed for college and I was counting down they days until I could move in my dorm. Sure, I knew I was going to miss my Coach and fellow teammates but I was more excited to moving on to bigger things in life.
The reunion committee set up a website with all the details, pictures, quizzes and the opportunity for us to submit what we have been up to the past 15 years. There was even spot for us to send in an updated picture. Very interesting to see what the class clown and valedictorian are doing and how it is not what everyone expected. I also have learned that I am one of the only ones without kids. This will make for interesting conversations.

Tell me about your high school experiences? Did you go to a reunion? I'll report back on Monday.

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ptg said...

Yup - went to mine last year November. It was...surreal. You'd think, that after all this time, that the cliques would separate and more people would talk amongst themselves - but nope, that didn't happen. Everyone stayed with the same people that they hung out with high school. And by the end of the night, I was SO glad that I was done with high school and had my own separate life here in Wisconsin.