Thursday, June 28, 2007

More cool pictures from Maine

Lobster traps all over
Having fun with my new Nikon D80

The first sight of whales


Carmi said...

Hi again, Tracey. I'm so thrilled that you're capturing such amazing photos with your new D80. Coincientally, my wife and I celebrated our honeymoon in Old Orchard Beach. It's one of my favorite towns anywhere because it is soaked with the traditions of the sea. We walked up and down the beach so many times when we were there.

We don't live all that close anymore - it was a 6-ish hour drive from Montreal, but from our current home it's a lot further - but I still want to go back. Maybe soon...

Your dad sounds like he got very lucky indeed. After all, good things happen to good people.

More soon!

Carmi said...

Um, looks like my typing has taken the long weekend off.

That would be "coincidentally". Gaaa...some days, I should just stay tucked in!