Monday, January 15, 2007

We don't have that other couple to hang out with.

My husband has his friends and I have my friends. We have gone out with each other's friends and their significant others. But we don't really have that other couple that we hang out with. You know, call to do dinner, go for drinks, and watch the game with. We don't have children so that knocks out a lot people. We are both involved in sports and active in church. Not many of our friends share these similarities. Is it because we met later in life and our individual friends have come from different times in our lives? Anyone else in the same boat? Or are we just weird. (Stating the obvious!)


Pattwhy said...

You are not weird! We are in a similar kids, however, we not intending on having them. Not that I don't love kids, but we are a lot better at being Aunt and Uncle Fabulous than we are at being actual parents.

We are lucky to have a good number of kid-free friends, and one couple that we hang out with a lot. One of the things that keeps us close is that we know we're in the minority of people who have made the decision to not have kids, so we hold on tight to them!

We also hang out with our single friends a lot, too, most of whom we met through playing soccer, so we tend to travel in a team most of the time.

Anonymous said...
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