Monday, May 12, 2008

Introducing my brother, Josh Pope

My brother is a very talented person. And I'm not just saying that because he is my little brother. He truly has been blessed by God with an amazing talent. Every time I hear him sing I am just amazed at his ability and it usually brings me to tears. Not only can he sing but he writes his own music.
He started singing and acting when he was 5. He now writes his own music and composes music for other companies. He was recently given the opportunity to record a CD down in Chicago. You can listen to his music below on Nimbit and if you like it, you can buy each song for 99 cents. His music will also be up on itunes soon. The first song is a cover of Sarah McLachlan's "Angel." The other four songs are originals. Enjoy.

Note: I took the player down for now because it would automatically start playing - I know people don't always like that on blogs. If you want a link just post a comment. Thanks!!


Teia said...

ahh. haha. so i went from dad's blog where it just started playin his music to yours. and it was weird.

wow. that's an awesome pic of your brother. i wonder who took it. :P
love you

Abbie said...

Well he is cute!

Is he actually singing? or is she singing the songs he wrote.

Jessica said...

That music is great, Tracey. Be sure to update when it is on iTunes. Let me know if it is ever on also.

My name is April. said...

Wow your brother is amazing! I listened to all of the songs like 3 times and then realized I should just buy them!

Anonymous said...

i'd love a link to Josh's music at nimbet. :)

Martin said...

Good Job! :)