Monday, September 03, 2007

Back from the Island

I'm watching Federer play right now in the US Open but I just wanted to give a quick update.

We were at "our" place on Washington Island this weekend and had great time and are refreshed and relaxed. (I say our place cause really it's my in-laws place but I'm married into the place, right?)

How do people like THIS have children?

GO BADGERS! And sucks to be Michigan (College Football).

Jenny Crain has been improving. It's been a long week for her and her family. This is the latest from (search supportjennycrain). Please keep her in your prayers.

"Unexpected Surgery Signals Important, Though Modest Step Forward

Today Jenny had surgery on her jaw. The medical team decided to perform the surgery in Jenny’s room rather than have her moved to an operating room. They wired her jaw shut so the process of healing her mouth injuries can begin. Jenny has several teeth missing and faces many oral surgeries in her future. After the surgery the jaw is in good shape. During this procedure doctors did nothing with her cheek injuries or the damage to her the base of Jenny’s skull.

In another positive sign Jenny’s brain pressure levels stayed constant throughout the procedure. As we have indicated in pervious posts, equalizing her brain pressures are very important in her being able to safely tolerate other more intensive surgeries, like the vertebrae operation, which is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday September 4.

Jenny’s family also reported that she is blinking more with larger blinks and opening her eyes wider. Jenny remains highly sedated and in critical condition.

Overall, Saturday was a very good day in Jenny’s long road to recovery. Jenny needs many more days like today and with your prayers and support we can Make it Happen."

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