Monday, July 09, 2007

Acupuncture take one

I did it. Tonight I overcame one of my biggest fears of having many little needles sticking out of my body, or acupuncture. My husband was the first one to suggest acupuncture to me. His friends had problems getting pregnant and she tried acupuncture and she got pregnant within one month. I hate needles, hate them. It's not the pain, it's the feeling of having something in my body that does not belong. It's hard to describe. So needless to say I have been very hesitant. I have a physical therapist and chiropractor that I love at Invivo Wellness and they recently added acupuncture. I asked both of them about their opinion on it and of course they said, "do it." I met with Jennifer last Friday and we talked about our road to having a baby, my stress levels, other health issues etc. I liked her and felt very calm after leaving her, so I scheduled my first appointment for today.
I get there today a little nervous and Jennifer is just a very relaxing person. Tiny, skinny, quiet and her voice is just calming. She talked to me for about 30-45 minute on my health history, diet, exercise, fertility etc. She then gets me on the table and says, "OK here comes the needles." I just closed my eyes and took deep breathes. She put one in my head, my arms, hands, stomach, knees and ankles. At first I hated it. I was tensing up and I started feeling like I do when I give the blood. I thought to myself there is no way I'm ever doing this again. It's not like I could feel the needles at all but I knew they were there, make sense?
I started feeling sick and wanted them out. But I just took deep deep breathes and then I then I couldn't feel them. She reminds me to relax and she left the room. I tried so hard to think positive and relaxed and I even said a prayer. Next thing I knew my whole body went limp, it was heavy like. It was weird. I felt things moving in my body, like blood flow or something, my body was waking up but relaxed. It is so hard to describe.
She came back in and we talked about how I felt and she pulled out the needles. She lightly messaged my legs and arms talking to me about what muscles are connected to what organs and why she put the needles where she did. Everything she was saying made sense. I believe that everything is connected but at the same time it was weird, the whole Chinese Medicine theory. My heart started beating heavily, not fast just heavy and then i felt like I was on vicodin or something. It was awesome. I was in a whole other world. We talked about food/diet and I was waiting for her to tell me she was vegan or tell me that I need to detox my body and just do herbs but she said....just eat food, real food. Food is good. Stay away from the frozen dinners, fake sugars, no-fat stuff etc. Also she told me the number one thing to stay away from that is "media food" is soy. She said especially if you are trying to get pregnant. She gave me bunch of articles on it.
I got up and was so relaxed but not like I have ever felt. Different than a message. I still feel really good right now.
I go back next Monday.


Rachel said...

Wow, thanks for describing that! I have my first acupunture appt on monday! I'm not afraid of needles, but my DH is 9 months from his MD so I generally look to medicine! But my mom is paying and really wants me to go :-)


MSNBarbie said...

I so hope this works for you Tracey. You guys deserve all the happiness in the world

Tracey said...

Thanks, it really was great. I'll do an update #2 on Monday

Danica said...

Thinking of you Tracey! I have a friend also that did accupuncture and 12 months later gave birth. I'm just so glad you feel nice and relaxed. That's great!

Jessie said...

I've always wanted to try that - not for the same reasons, but one I know has ever had a bad experience with it.

I really hope it works for you!

Erin Nevicosi said...

That sounds really cool.

Praying for you!

ptg said...

We have an acupuncturist on staff and he commonly tells us stories, similar to your experiences, of his own clients and their reaction to it. I think it sounds very interesting. Glad to hear that it, at the very least, gave you that deep relaxation. Keep us updated on your future treatments!

Sara said...

Wow. Such a great description, I've always wondered what it was like (I'm also absolutely terrified of needles).

Best of luck to you - continued prayers go your way!