Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Product rave for the kids - Sippy Cup

I have been in the process of weening the kids off of bottles. They have no problem drinking juice out of sippy cups but for some reason they like their milk in a bottle. I figured I needed to just find the right sippy cup to make that transition easier.

Yesterday during my weekly trip to Target I decided to take a look at all the different cups. I finally decided on the Nuby No-Spill Easy Grip Cup. The main reason I choose this cup was because it had a soft silicone spout similar to the nipple on a bottle. It is also BPA free, has a built in vent with no extra parts, and has the no-spill design.

The twins used the cups for the first time this morning with their milk and so far so good! I would love to pack up the bottles by the end of this week!


Jenn said...

Good Luck! Those are great sippy cups.

Anonymous said...

Maqui Berry