Friday, April 04, 2008

New blog name

It has been brought to my attention that I will have to rename my blog. I am not creative......any suggestions?
I was thinking:
Married with Twins (see, not creative)
No kids to two kids - the transition

Ugh, I'm brain!


emmay said...

Seeing Double

Jess P said...

0-2 in nine months?

Jessie said...

Table for Four?

MKE Cribs? (Instead of MTV...ok no, that was bad)

I like emmay's Seeing Double.

Anonymous said...

Double time

Dos XX & XY

Double Jogger


Let me think about this more....its early on Monday. And work is zapping my creative juices:)

robin t

Anonymous said...

one miracle after another !

Karen M

Sunny said...

Two for one
Buy one, get one
Double the trouble, double the joy

I'll keep thinking.

Michelle M said...


Anonymous said...

I second Karen's "One Miracle After Another" title. I think it still eludes to your struggles with fertility while stressing the joy and new-found success.

I don't like Jess's 0-2 in Nine Months, because I instantly think of "going 0 for two", like you've struck out twice. I like where she was headed though. What about "0 to Twins in (put whatever time you want here, like how long you two were trying to conceive)"?

Project said...

And Babies Make 4

Laurie said...

After losing my first baby to miscarriage, I was blessed with twins. I always tell people I was
"Twice Blessed". You will love raising twins, they always have a playmate but you have to keep them from poking eachothers eyes and sticking things up eachothers noses:)
It is a blessed journey and mine are now 37 and have given me grandkids. I will be following your journey, as I am following precious Zoe's too.

Love, Laurie in Ca.